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Box Athens

Athens – A Culturally Rich Destination!

box athens

Everyone has heard a lot about Greece and its rich culture, including box athens. Athens is the capital of Greece and one can experience Greek culture in its true splendor here. The history of the place dates back to about 3,400 years. The rich history of Athens has had its impact on the culture of the place. To study the history and culture of the place, many countries organize study trips to this place. Several flights to Athens like British Airways, US Airways are available these days offering inexpensive flight tickets.
Located on the coast of the Saronic Gulf, the city offers an opportunity to enjoy a glimpse into rich Greek culture. There are several ancient monuments that though are in ruins today, speaks volumes about the place and its culture. One can bask in the richness of culture enjoyed by the city. To know more about the culture of the place, one must visit places like The National Archaeological Museum, The Acropolis Museum and The National Gallery. Visiting these places will give an idea about the rich culture and history of the place.

In 1900, The National Gallery came into existence. In the year 1886, collection of Alexandros Soutzos was offered to the gallery for display. About 16,000 works of art are displayed here that encompasses paintings, engravings, sculpture and many more artifacts. Not only one can get an idea about the history of the place but also how it has made an impact on the culture. History and art students coming here appreciate the collection and are able to trace the history of the city. By easy availability of cheap airline tickets such educational trips have become more affordable for the students.

On one hand, Modern Greek paintings representing the first half of 19th century can be seen here and on the other hand, Western European paintings can also be seen here. This museum even has a historical and photographic archive that offers some explanation regarding the erstwhile era.

In the National Archaeological Museum, students can go through the Greek art and architectural splendors. These splendors are not only available in the museums but also dot the landscape of the city, with its typical designs and patterns. Students in museums can also study all those archaeological finds that have been found in the ruins. Collections from prehistoric times, case and minor objects, sculptures, metallurgy, antiques are also exhibited here. Due to the growing number of footfalls in the city, the number of cheap flights to Athens has been increased.

For University students, The Acropolis Museum is a must visit place. The museum focuses on the history of Greece as a whole. Five galleries are housed in this museum with a vast expanse of exhibition space like Erectheion, The Parthenon Gallery, Athena Nike and more displaying work ranging from 5th century BC to 5TH century AD.

To experience all these places and rich culture of the place, one needs to book cheap tickets to Athens.

Kombucha Organic and Raw

Kombucha has just been pulled off the shelves by most of the major distributors in the United States, because of some concerns over the minuscule amount of alcohol that is in kombucha due to the fermentation process from which it is produced. I have always been aware that kombucha had a little alcohol in it, but have never heard of anyone getting drunk or even a small buzz from drinking it, nor have I ever seen kids or teenagers buying kombucha organic and raw.

I personally am not a big kombucha drinker, but I know many people that drink it everyday and are going to be very upset over this situation. The government wants to control the supplement industry so the Food and Drug Administration have put pressure on wholesale distributors and large retailers.
This is the notice that is currently on the shelves where kombucha used to be in a Whole Foods market by my house,” Key suppliers and Whole Foods Market have elected to voluntarily withdraw Kombucha products in bottles and on tap from our stores at this time due to labeling concerns related to slightly elevated alcohol levels in some products.

This is not a quality issue. Sorry for any inconvenience.”
The following is a letter that is paraphrased from a major health food distributor to the retail stores that they service:
“Effective immediately and until further notice all sales of unpasteurized ready to drink kombucha products, regardless of brand, have been suspended from distribution. In order for distribution to commence on a supplier by supplier basis each supplier must accomplish the following two requirements:
1. Certify in writing by an authorized company officer that the supplier’s unpasteurized ready to drink kombucha has been taken from an applicable distribution center and been subjected to alcohol content testing within the past 30 days and all such tested samples show less than.5% alcohol content by volume.
2. An authorized company officer must execute a specific indemnification agreement related to this issue.
At this time we will not be picking up affected product and we advise our customers to remove from sale until such time as the above requirements are met. Please understand these measures taken are designed to protect you and your customers and we appreciate your support while we all work through this issue.”
The manufactures of kombucha need to be able to prove and document that the drinks do not exceed.5% alcohol. I would assume that the major companies like GTS would have the resources to get this handled quickly. I hope this is just minor inconvenience for those of you who love kombucha.

Have You Considered SMS For Marketing?

Have you ever considered list building? You know owning the contact information of your customers or prospective customers. There are more ways to spend your marketing money today than there are stars in the heavens… Well almost. One thing is for sure you cannot afford every advertising opportunity that comes along! However, you can create your own advertising platform by list building.

Why list build? Ever heard of a company called Facebook, Inc.? They have done list building in an amazing way. As of January 2011 they have 600 million users. In 2009, they generated 700 million dollar in revenue. How? Can you say two simple words… List building.

The way they built their 600 million users was ingenious. They simply made it easy for their users to ask their friends to join them on Facebook by building an application that allowed users to upload their contact database via their mail service. It was and is too simple. All comes back to KISS… Keep It Simple Stupid. You should make it easy for your base to join your list. This is the key to great list building. The easier it is for your customer or prospect to get added to your list the bigger the win for you!

Good News! A relative new method is now available to small and medium businesses and it is something you should look into, for sure. Why? It makes growing a list way easy and most of the time worthwhile for a customer or prospect to subscribe. It’s real easy, as easy as texting a friend a message. So, you may or may not have heard of it by now, but strap on your seat-belts, because if you really get your head wrapped around this technology it will change your business forever! It’s called mobile text marketing.
Here are the facts; 86 percent of all Americans have a mobile phone! 85 percent of those mobile phone users have their phone with-in three feet of them at all times. When a text message is sent 97 percent are opened and of those opened 86 percent are opened within the first hour! This makes this advertising medium strong, but its real strength is in how easy it makes it to subscribe to your list. Here’s how it works, your prospective subscribers simply text a ‘Keyword’ to a five or six digit subscription number.
For many business owners what makes text marketing so advantageous is the speed of which it works along with the fact it has an unbelievable open rate! Of course, the ease of opting in is the big bonus! There truly is no other medium like SMS for marketing. Traditional marketing methods such as television advertisements, radio advertisements and advertisements are easy to ignore. This is not so with text marketing, because cell phone users are extremely attached to their phones!

Another big opportunity in text marketing is the advertising methods and options available. As a business owner you can use text marketing to deliver a text coupon. You could elect to send a sales event announcement or other news worthy item. Texting management platforms have voting and survey abilities. The opportunities to connect to your clients and prospects are infinite! All you need to get started is a good texting platform where you can claim your keyword and you subscriber text in number and along with a good database management system!


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Best Family Tents For Bad Weather – How to Buy One That is Right For You

There a number of factors that will decide which is the right camping tent for you. If you do not camp regularly and conditions will not be too extreme, then something cheap and cheerful should satisfy your requirements. However, if your camping tent is going to see a lot of use in all kinds of weather then it definitely is worth investing in good quality and the right design. Nothing is more dispiriting than having your camping tent falling to bits around you in the dead of a stormy night.

One of the most important things you need to consider is the number of people your camping tent needs to accommodate. Camping tents can vary in size from one-man, with just enough sleeping room for one person, to large family tents with a few rooms.

The second thing to consider is ease of use, both in terms of the weight of the tent and how easy it is to erect. If you are hiking you will want something lightweight, definitely not weighing over 5kgs. One-man tents can weigh as little as one and a half kilograms, though lighter models usually cost more.

How easy your camping tent is to erect should also influence your decision. If you plan on setting up camp somewhere for a few days, then this is not a major concern. On the other hand, if you need put up your camping tent every evening, maybe sometimes in stormy conditions, you will require something that you can assemble quickly. Many camping tents literally pop up in just a few moments, while other tents could take a good 15 minutes to erect.

There are a few different tent designs and some are better built for certain conditions and needs than others. If you are a casual camper this needn’t be a big worry. On the other hand, if your camping tent will regularly be exposed to bad conditions, design can make a big difference.

Geodesic – This is regarded as the most durable of the tent designs. Intersecting tent poles ensure it has excellent strength to withstand bad conditions. This is the camping tent for the serious outdoor expeditionist.

Dome – This is perhaps the most popular tent design. It is lightweight, is inexpensive, is easy to put together and offers excellent overall strength. A common pick among backpackers.
Tunnel – Another common choice, though weighs a bit more than the dome tent. That said, it is significantly more spacious.

Finally, it is important that your tent’s fabric is made from high quality material. Lightweight nylon or polyester are the best fabric for the job, and, of course, they should be fully waterproof. In addition, it is often a good idea to waterproof the seams of the camping tent yourself as a final precaution.

See the article – Best Family Tents For Bad Weather 2019 Review (top 10)

Learn Effective Online Marketing With These Simple Tips From A New Jersey Seo Expert Company

Many people and businesses use Online marketing as a way to sell and advertise services and products. The term “Internet marketing” encompasses many different activities, including increasing search engine ranking positions, advertising and social internet marketing. Have a look at this article’s marketing advice if upping your subscriber base and making more online sales sounds good to you.
It helps you to put user polls on the side of any content that you’ve on your site to see how users experience it. These polls not only make visitors seem like their opinion matters, but once you are aware how users feel about the content of your site, you may make changes to reflect their thoughts and concepts.

Enable people from around the world to have access to your site. Basically, try to implement different versions of your sites in lots of languages. You’d be surprised at just how much viewer traffic this could add; let alone, the global expansion that may be available to you. A client is more likely to pay for your site if they can read it in their own individual language.

Take enough time to do as much research as possible and look to others that have found success. Look for a mentor, online or physical, you have faith and trust in. Lots of very good Internet marketers are prepared to provide expert consultancy cheaply or even for free. Also, choose a system you want to follow, and stick to it. While progress may be limited at the start, perseverance will show leads to the end.
Most cell phone companies allow you associate a unique business number with your phone. You must have a passionate number.

Put your website in a format that is easier to use says the new jersey seo company. When people open your web site, they want to have the ability to efficiently find any information they’re searching for. Many people will not spend extra time looking for information.

You need to produce a great site before worrying about getting it ranked. This really is priority number one for all website owners, regardless of their business niche. Make an effort to make your website as functional and streamlined as you possibly can. If you do this in the beginning, you will have an easier time making changes to it in the future.

In conclusion, many businesses use Online marketing to sell services and products. Internet marketing uses methods such as search engine optimization and advertising to build sales interest. If you remember the advice in this article, you can use Online marketing to significantly boost interest in your own services and products.

Top 5 Disney Movie Villains

From the beginning of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, there have always been villains in Disney films. The villains purpose is to make the life of the hero/heroine as miserable as possible. Thank goodness, in the end, the villain is defeated and we all live happily ever after. Here are my picks of Top 5 Disney Movie Villains;

Cruella De Vil – 101 Dalmatians introduced us to the most evil character in Disney history. Who would steal puppies to kill them and make coats? Cruella De Vil would. This is the most low down mean person on earth. No one hurts puppies.

Evil Queen – In many of the Disney Movie classics, the evil queen has had it in for the helpless princess. However, thanks to faithful friends and even animals, the princess conquers the evil queen and finds true love in the end.

Scar- He kills his own brother and tries to kill his own nephew just to be king. Man that’s evil and down right despicable.

Ursula – Her voice alone makes you not like her. Ariel is tricked by this evil one, but daddy and a handsome prince come to the rescue.

Captain Hook – The captain chases boys and wants to put fun loving Peter Pan to death. Thanks to a hungry crocodile. Hook is put out of commission.
These five villains have created fear in the hearts of young and old alike. Of course, there are many more Disney villains that have unscrupulous tactics, but in my opinion these are the meanest, baddest and most unwanted at my dinner table of all time.

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Telehealth Services 101

These days, with the rise of medical tourism, people get to have world-class medical services at much lower costs. Additionally, in many cases they get to have these world-class services abroad in the comforts of their own home. How? The answer is through telehealth.

Telehealth is the new form of medical procedure diagnostics and pre and post patient treatment is done through the latest telecommunications. Telehealth is a service that is provided by the top medical tourist companies. Usually, Telehealth is done through videoconferencing and remote monitoring. Some even go as far as robotic technology. Telehealth does not only relate to doctors and patients, but also to doctors talking to other doctors about a certain case. These days, doctors even get prescriptions through e-mail, which is also part of telehealth.

Since health care is involved, those who conduct telehealth should be experts in their field or have medical expertise to conduct the session. Usually, this can be used to provide patient care before and after procedures. It is through telehealth that nurses and other experts can monitor a patient’s vital statistics, pain, rate of healing, etc. This can be done through remote monitoring saving the patient huge amounts of both time and money.

Telehealth is also an effective way to develop trust before you leave your country and feel a sense of care when you get back to your country.

Telehealth also have other uses that are nonclinical, including education, research, date management, healthcare management, etc.

It is best to find a company that has telehealth as one of their services. Also, make sure that these companies have tight connection with the accredited hospitals and are certified by the Medical Tourism Association.

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Learn Exactly How The Best Trading Platforms In India Works

So you wanna know how the best trading platforms in india works?

It is possible that many people have kept off currency options trading because they don’t understand exactly how it works. Also, many people might not understand what they stand to gain by trading in the market. In addition to learning the rules, regulations and the jargon used in the market, an understanding on how the currency market works is essential to any trader.

Knowledge on how options trading works helps the investor know how to limit risk while increasing leverage and insurance on his investments. This is important to minimize the amount of risks involved, while still making it possible for one to make as much money as possible.

Options trading means trading of stock options over an exchange market counter. An option is a contractual agreement between traders to buy or sell currency at a certain fixed price, at a particular time. The concept of options means that a trader has an option to decide whether or not to sell or buy currency depending on the value. A new trader should keep the trading on simple transactions, and execute multiple transactions after gaining some experience.

A trader can engage in two styles of currency options trading. The American style allows the investor trading freedom at any point during the maturity period. The investor is able to exploit the positive changes in the exchange rates and can sell the options when they are likely to fetch the highest profits. The European style restricts the investor to trade the currency option only after the maturity period has ended.

The call option is the best strategy to buy when it is out of money. This gives one a chance to earn profits if one sells when the strike price is higher than the stock price. A call option contract gives the buyer the right to buy the underlying asset at a fixed price and by a fixed time.

The buyer profits when the price of the underlying shares rise. If the trend in the stock market indicates that the stock price will fall, one should buy a put option. You will profit if the market price falls.

There are a number of benefits that an investor enjoys from options trading. Traders are able to invest small funds and are able to make profit while the amount put at risk is considerably low. It is possible to trade a large amount with a little invested fund, cutting down on the risk involved. Investors in currency options trading are protected from drops in stocks by ensuring that they maintain the same number of put options equal to the number of shares being owned.

Fun Things That You Can Do In Whitsunday Islands

A lot of holidaymakers visit the Whitsunday region yearly. What makes this region great is that it serves as the window to the Great Barrier Reef and this is the reason why a lot of beach bums love to go and visit Whitsunday. Whitsunday is located in the central coast of Queensland and getting there is very easy. Since the place is now popular among both local and foreign tourists alike, the tourism Whitsundays department has developed interesting and inexpensive tour packages so that every tourists can afford to enjoy their visit.

There are a lot of fun activities that you can do in Whitsunday and aside from just lounging at the beach chairs or sun bathing in Whitehaven beach, people can enjoy a myriad of water-related activities. Since the region serves as the drop off point to anyone who wants to see the Great Barrier Reef, one of the most popular tour packages offered by most tour operators in Whitsunday is scuba diving. Scuba diving Great Barrier Reef is an experience unlike no other. Divers will be able to enjoy the amazing coral formations, school of fishes and numerous sightings of turtles and sharks. Aside from scuba diving, you can also enjoy the shallow coral reefs by doing Whitsunday snorkeling.

On the other hand, if you have yet to get your scuba license, then you can still enjoy other activities in Whitsunday. One of the best ways for non-divers to do coral view is by renting a glass bottom boat. There are different types of boats with glass bottoms that you can rent which include a big boat which can be enjoyed with your whole family or a small kayak where you can enjoy the view all by yourself.

One of the most popular activities to do in Whitsunday is to indulge in a sailing cruise adventure. In fact, a lot of tour operators in the region offer Whitsunday islands sailing adventure packages. There are a lot of options that are available to those who love to go on sailing adventures. You can rent a yacht complete with your own crew or you can rent a catamaran and navigate them on your own.

Whatever idea of fun you might have for your holiday, rest assured that the many Whitsunday tour operators will be able to provide you with the best vacation packages that you will never forget in your whole life.

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Design Sprint Consultant

The role of a product design sprint consultant is to provide expert knowledge and to guide the client through a series of structured paths to ensure that the final designed product is innovative, robust, safe and within budget. Whether you are looking to create a new product from scratch, or refresh an existing item, the design process should follow a similar path full of research, design innovation, prototyping, engineering and analysis.

This article will outline the key steps in the design process for a consumer product made from injection moulded plastic.

The first step is research. The current market must be assessed for competitor products and also the reasons why the market leader holds this mantle. Is there a gap in the market for your product? Has it been produced before and if so, what key elements are missing that could improve the concept?
Next is concept development. This involves brainstorming and a large number of thumbnail sketches. From this wide collection of sketches, a select few are developed further and scrutinised to ensure they now meet cost, safety, functionality and manufacturing criteria.

3D rendering software is then used to produce photorealistic imagery. This is very useful for critically assessing the product before any substantial amount of investment is committed to the project. Production tooling for a high volume product is very expensive, therefore carrying out further market research at this stage to get valuable consumer insight can be very cost effective.
Finite element analysis is carried out on the components to ensure that they will perform as required using the correct engineering materials. Once market feedback and analysis results are digested, the design can be modified and a physical prototype can then be produced for further market research and analysis.

After approval of the fully functioning prototype, the product is signed off and the production tooling begins. CAD software is used to accurately design the tooling taking into consideration various plastic shrinkage tolerances. The tools go through a number of test runs and are debugged accordingly to ensure that they still match the approved prototype both aesthetically and functionally. On completion of the tooling, the steel moulds are passed on to the factory to begin mass production of the final product.
Vendor selection is very important, as every vendor has a different specialisation. It is also strongly advised to use a vendor through a trusted recommendation to ensure that the vendor you choose is able to fulfill your requirements to an exceptional standard.