Best Family Tents For Bad Weather – How to Buy One That is Right For You

There a number of factors that will decide which is the right camping tent for you. If you do not camp regularly and conditions will not be too extreme, then something cheap and cheerful should satisfy your requirements. However, if your camping tent is going to see a lot of use in all kinds of weather then it definitely is worth investing in good quality and the right design. Nothing is more dispiriting than having your camping tent falling to bits around you in the dead of a stormy night.

One of the most important things you need to consider is the number of people your camping tent needs to accommodate. Camping tents can vary in size from one-man, with just enough sleeping room for one person, to large family tents with a few rooms.

The second thing to consider is ease of use, both in terms of the weight of the tent and how easy it is to erect. If you are hiking you will want something lightweight, definitely not weighing over 5kgs. One-man tents can weigh as little as one and a half kilograms, though lighter models usually cost more.

How easy your camping tent is to erect should also influence your decision. If you plan on setting up camp somewhere for a few days, then this is not a major concern. On the other hand, if you need put up your camping tent every evening, maybe sometimes in stormy conditions, you will require something that you can assemble quickly. Many camping tents literally pop up in just a few moments, while other tents could take a good 15 minutes to erect.

There are a few different tent designs and some are better built for certain conditions and needs than others. If you are a casual camper this needn’t be a big worry. On the other hand, if your camping tent will regularly be exposed to bad conditions, design can make a big difference.

Geodesic – This is regarded as the most durable of the tent designs. Intersecting tent poles ensure it has excellent strength to withstand bad conditions. This is the camping tent for the serious outdoor expeditionist.

Dome – This is perhaps the most popular tent design. It is lightweight, is inexpensive, is easy to put together and offers excellent overall strength. A common pick among backpackers.
Tunnel – Another common choice, though weighs a bit more than the dome tent. That said, it is significantly more spacious.

Finally, it is important that your tent’s fabric is made from high quality material. Lightweight nylon or polyester are the best fabric for the job, and, of course, they should be fully waterproof. In addition, it is often a good idea to waterproof the seams of the camping tent yourself as a final precaution.

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