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Athens – A Culturally Rich Destination!

box athens

Everyone has heard a lot about Greece and its rich culture, including box athens. Athens is the capital of Greece and one can experience Greek culture in its true splendor here. The history of the place dates back to about 3,400 years. The rich history of Athens has had its impact on the culture of the place. To study the history and culture of the place, many countries organize study trips to this place. Several flights to Athens like British Airways, US Airways are available these days offering inexpensive flight tickets.
Located on the coast of the Saronic Gulf, the city offers an opportunity to enjoy a glimpse into rich Greek culture. There are several ancient monuments that though are in ruins today, speaks volumes about the place and its culture. One can bask in the richness of culture enjoyed by the city. To know more about the culture of the place, one must visit places like The National Archaeological Museum, The Acropolis Museum and The National Gallery. Visiting these places will give an idea about the rich culture and history of the place.

In 1900, The National Gallery came into existence. In the year 1886, collection of Alexandros Soutzos was offered to the gallery for display. About 16,000 works of art are displayed here that encompasses paintings, engravings, sculpture and many more artifacts. Not only one can get an idea about the history of the place but also how it has made an impact on the culture. History and art students coming here appreciate the collection and are able to trace the history of the city. By easy availability of cheap airline tickets such educational trips have become more affordable for the students.

On one hand, Modern Greek paintings representing the first half of 19th century can be seen here and on the other hand, Western European paintings can also be seen here. This museum even has a historical and photographic archive that offers some explanation regarding the erstwhile era.

In the National Archaeological Museum, students can go through the Greek art and architectural splendors. These splendors are not only available in the museums but also dot the landscape of the city, with its typical designs and patterns. Students in museums can also study all those archaeological finds that have been found in the ruins. Collections from prehistoric times, case and minor objects, sculptures, metallurgy, antiques are also exhibited here. Due to the growing number of footfalls in the city, the number of cheap flights to Athens has been increased.

For University students, The Acropolis Museum is a must visit place. The museum focuses on the history of Greece as a whole. Five galleries are housed in this museum with a vast expanse of exhibition space like Erectheion, The Parthenon Gallery, Athena Nike and more displaying work ranging from 5th century BC to 5TH century AD.

To experience all these places and rich culture of the place, one needs to book cheap tickets to Athens.

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