How to Get Real Feedback From Employees

When you are running a business it is important to know what is going on in the workplace. Because these people are your front line, it is critical that you learn how to get real feedback from employees.
The key in figuring out how to get real feedback from your employees is to get “real” feedback, and not merely having them recite back to you what they think you want to hear. It is not helpful at all if all your staff does is recite your own opinion back to you. The trick is to get past that noise and find out what they really think. Learn more at

The first step in getting feedback from your employees is to create a business environment where they really feel safe in expressing their true opinions. This starts by being open to what they have to say. You have to develop a history of hearing their opinions without reacting negatively. Once your people see that you are open to what they have to say, they will be more willing to share what is on their minds.
One way to get to the heart of what your employees are thinking is to offer avenues where they can let their opinions be known anonymously. This could be something as simple as providing a suggestion box. Your employees would have the ability to drop in suggestions or opinions without the fear of any repercussions.

One word of caution about using an anonymous suggestion box; you are giving your employees an open forum to express their opinions on anything and everything. Be prepared for some harsh, attacking, or even cruel messages to be delivered.
A way to control in what areas your employees can express themselves is to use a well crafted employee survey. By using a good survey you are going to be able to ask questions about specific areas of your business, and you will limit your employees’ responses to only those areas. This will prevent outrageous responses about areas where your employees do not have any say.
There are a couple of options when using surveys; open ended questions or multiple response questions. When you use open ended questions you are asking a general questions, and then allowing your workers to write a response to the question. This method does give you a wider variety of responses, but you do run the risk of the answers being off track.

When you use multiple choice questions you are limiting the possible responses you will get. By asking similar questions in a variety of ways you will be able to get a fairly clear picture of what your employees really believe.

Learning how to get real feedback from employees is a great way to get a better feel for what is really happening in your workplace. By getting a true gauge of your employees’ feelings you will be able to adjust how you are conducting business and improve the morale and productivity of your staff. And that is always good for business.

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