Top 5 Disney Movie Villains

From the beginning of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, there have always been villains in Disney films. The villains purpose is to make the life of the hero/heroine as miserable as possible. Thank goodness, in the end, the villain is defeated and we all live happily ever after. Here are my picks of Top 5 Disney Movie Villains;

Cruella De Vil – 101 Dalmatians introduced us to the most evil character in Disney history. Who would steal puppies to kill them and make coats? Cruella De Vil would. This is the most low down mean person on earth. No one hurts puppies.

Evil Queen – In many of the Disney Movie classics, the evil queen has had it in for the helpless princess. However, thanks to faithful friends and even animals, the princess conquers the evil queen and finds true love in the end.

Scar- He kills his own brother and tries to kill his own nephew just to be king. Man that’s evil and down right despicable.

Ursula – Her voice alone makes you not like her. Ariel is tricked by this evil one, but daddy and a handsome prince come to the rescue.

Captain Hook – The captain chases boys and wants to put fun loving Peter Pan to death. Thanks to a hungry crocodile. Hook is put out of commission.
These five villains have created fear in the hearts of young and old alike. Of course, there are many more Disney villains that have unscrupulous tactics, but in my opinion these are the meanest, baddest and most unwanted at my dinner table of all time.

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